A Little Pink Bubble Dress & A HINT about Something Special for YOU

Frilling Great Cold-Shoulder Pink Dress / Sam Edelman ‘Yardley’ Pump / Kendra Scott Blake Bangle Set

Kendra Scott Sophee Drop Earrings

Frills, bubble hem and pink… need I say more?!?!? How CUTE is this  ChicWish Frilling Great Cold-Shoulder Pink Dress?!?!?!? This dress seriously reminds me of a grown-up version of a little girl’s dreamy birthday dress!! This dress is so flouncy and flowy! My favorite part is that is is cold-shoulder and does not bind!  Here in NC, August is one of the hottest months and with that said, it can get pretty steamy on into October, so cold-shoulder is always in season!  The pale pink color of the dress was what I initially fell in love with because it was a soft pink and looked so feminine! This dress does run a little big in the body, so I may would size down one size.  I have a medium and could have worn the small and I wear a size US4.

The painting in the last photo is one by my amazing sister and artist, Anna Cate! She has recently launched her website and I can not rave enough about it! My husband and I are redoing our main floor of our house, so once it no longer looks like a sheet of white from all the sheet rock dust, I will share the pieces she is doing for my space!! She offers prints or originals for ANY price point and you can mix and match from her various series’.  Her ‘Capital City’ canvas print is one of my FAVORITES because it is gold leaf and white which can go in almost any space you need! Her canvas prints are a great buy because you get the larger print, but with the detail of an original at a more affordable price.  Don’t get me wrong though, I will have a few originals and prints mixed in once our renovations are complete!! So check her out and let me know what you favorite is!!

I hope you all are having a great week! I am actually out of town in California this week, if you noticed on Instagram for my husband’s birthday weekend! I hope to have a travel post for you guys soon on where we went and what we did/saw!! Also, NEXT WEEK is my 1 year BLOG ANNIVERSARY and OBVIOUSLY it would not exist if it were not for you guys, so I have a few special surprises for YOU!!! So head on back next week to see what I have IN STORE!!! I’ll give you a HINT… GIVEAWAYS! 😉 Lots of LOVE to you ALL!!! XOXOXO

HAIR….What I Use to Get Beachy Waves

Plum Pretty Sugar Dress / Moon & Lola Mug 

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!! I have had MULTIPLE questions on my hair and what I use to achieve those beach waves so I decided to do a quick roundup of some of my favorite products and tools! If you are anything like me, a curling iron totally scared me for YEARS!!! When I say, I could not curl hair until about 2 years ago, it’s NOT A LIE!! Hair has NEVER been my strong suit! If you know me, then you know I have STICK STRAIGHT locks!!! I have lots of fine hair! I also was not aware until about a year ago that you could go more than a day without washing your hair…. R.I.P ALL THOSE LONG MORNINGS OF COUNTLESS HEAT AND BLOW DRYING, thanks so my introduction of dry shampoo (I mean really, have I been living under a rock?!?!??!) Just in case you are wondering my favorite dry shampoo, it is Batiste and can be purchased at almost ANY drugstore or beauty store! Ok, so back to curling hair…. Read More

Not Just Another Plaid Dress

Capulet Red Gingham DressCapulet Red Gingham DressCapulet Red Gingham DressCapulet Red Gingham DressCapulet Red Gingham Dress

Capulet Red Gingham Dress / Hammitt LA Corey Bag / Sam Edelman ‘Yardley’ Pump

Kendra Scott Blake Bangle / Tecova Boots / Halogen Over the Knee Boot / Free People Crisscross Sweater

It’s officially FRIYAY!!!!!! This week has been FULL of red gingham, partly because of my love for this pattern, but also because this dress is AMAZING!!!! Confession time… I was looking through my feed and realized I primarily ONLY wear dresses, I seriously love a dress for so many reasons… 1) It is an entire outfit in one 2)Easy to throw on fast before work 3) Feminine and makes me feel pretty 4) There’s one for every occasion 5) Well.. 5, I JUST LOVE THEM 🙂  So after contemplating posting this dress or trying to mix it up with a jean look I decided, why start to change now? I should embrace this trend hahah… So today’s post is another PHENOMENAL dress by designer Capulet! This dress has been SOLD OUT for weeks and finally back in stock in some sizes!! This dress is super fun, especially the bell sleeves! I can’t get enough of the lace detailing at the neckline either, it’s so fun! This year lace details along with bell sleeves are going to be everywhere including on sweater like the Free People one I have sitting in my cart waiting to pull the trigger on!  I can’t wait to pair this dress with a pair of over the knee boots or my Tecova cowgirl boots  as the temperatures start to change, I see this dress as a fall apple picking dress (of which I have never done, so if any of you know where you can apple pick, please comment below!). Sometimes off the shoulder can be aggravating or make you feel,”bound” but this one does not, it is totally movable and breathable! I ordered true to size, I am wearing a size small just for reference, but due to the flowy and stretchy nature there is room to give.

I paired this dress with my Sam Edelman “Yardley” pump  and my favorite cross body bag going into Fall the Hammitt LA Corey bag! I have mentioned Hammitt before, but this brand is continuing to grow rapidly because their bags are wonderful and the attention to detail is unmatched.  If you all invest in a new bag this Fall, definitely check them out, you will not be disappointed!

It has been a LONG week for me, lots of fun exciting things, but I am soooo ready for the weekend (who’s with me?!?!?!) I think this weekend I will just lay in bed as long as I can and get some much needed rest! What’s ya’ll’s DREAM weekend?!?!? I hope each of you have an amazing one whatever you are doing! Lots of love to you all!!! XOXO

SURPRISE!!! Back to School Kendra Scott Giveaway

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace

Topshop Cold Shoulder Top / AG Jeans 10 Years Distressed / Sam Edelman Yardley Pump /

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Tote Mini / Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace / Kendra Scott Danielle Earring

Kendra Scott Elton Bracelet

Ahhhh. August, the smell of freshly trimmed pencils, brand new never touched notebooks, a backpack that is in pristine condition and all the hopes that this year everything will stay organized…. Quickly fast forward to week two: can’t find a pencil, notebook is filled with messy notes and a book  bag that could be mistaken for a trash can/makeup bag… AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT DID THIS?!?!? Every year, going back to school I had seriously the best intentions of writing all my notes clearly and keeping up with all my reading the night it was assigned and then somehow after only a couple weeks back, all of my good intentions went south.  The funny part about it is, this happened EVERY year (I feel like I should have noticed my track record 😉 ) I’m not gonna lie, I was a good student, but my organizational skills needed and still need work (sorry, babe)!  This post has nothing to do with my organizational skills or lack there of, so lets get to the FUN part of school, the BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING! The BEST part about going back to school was not just the new supplies it was the new wardrobe! Each year my mom would take me and my sibling shopping for a few new outfits and I couldn’t wait to wear them when I went back from the long summer break!

Today’s post is a very SPECIAL ONE for YOU! I have partnered with one of my absolute FAVORITE jewelry designers, Kendra Scott, to offer one of their best selling accessories, the Rayne Necklace to one of YOU!  Read More

The Perfect Transition Pattern Into Fall: Gingham


Wavy Gingham Off-Shoulder Dress in Red / Rebecca Minkoff Rosie Heel / Hammitt LA Corey Bag

Kendra Scott Blake Bangle Set / Kendra Scott Sophee Drop Earring

Happy ALMOST weekend!! I am pumped for this upcoming weekend because I am going to see Travis Tritt at  Norris Creek in Zebulon, NC on Saturday night and I am super excited!! August is always such a hard month when it comes to what to wear! Here in NC, August can be the hottest month of the Summer, but retailers are always starting to push Fall and everything inside of me wants to buy boots and drink pumpkin lattes! I hate to rush a season, but Fall is MY FAVORITE season and I LOVE LOVE crisp mornings with my cup of coffee just watching the leaves changing.Read More

The Perfect Little Cutouts

Likely Judith DressLikely Judith DressLikely Judith DressLikely Judith Dress

Likely Judith Dress / Rebecca Minkoff Rosie Heel

This past weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my older brother, J.M. and his fiance and my soon to be sister in law Holly Burgwyn at their engagement party at The Architect downtown Raleigh!  We had SUCH a blast! I loved catching up with everyone from my high school and college!  If you all are looking for a fun place to host an engagement party, The Architect was so fun and it was perfect for a crowd of 200 or below!Read More

Motivation Monday: Uncensored & One of My Favorite Devotionals

The “Real” Me (minus the puppy face hahahah )

“Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.” —PSALM 62:8

Today’s post is one from the heart and one that I just felt lead to write! I am a pretty private person when it comes to my personal life and feelings, but everyone has a day or week where everything just seems to be troubling or go WRONG (we are HUMAN after all!) I think that this day and time we all (including myself) live in fake realities partly because of the nature of social media and the fact that everyone’s lives seems to be PERFECT! I have touched on this subject a few times since blogging, but I don’t think it can be reiterated too much! There is a devotional that I have referenced a few times, that truly speaks to me every morning; Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  This devotional has really helped me through many happy and sad times alike and I wanted to let you all know about it and just how much some encouraging words in the morning before work can mean and help change your day! I try so hard to have my devotion every day and some days I do and some days I don’t make it happen, but the days that I do not something is always different and “off.”

I just wanted to take second today to veer completely off fashion and beauty to say that nothing is ever as glamorous, perfect or amazing as it may seem. Pictures and Instagram feeds can be slightly deceptive and it’s important to remember that the moments that are posted are typically highlight moments in someone’s life.  I can personally tell you that behind every @maketodayahollyday Instagram post there are probably 30 images from the same shoot that just did not make the cut :/ (guilty).  I think it is always important to take a step back and realize the important things in life like family, friends and spending quality time with those we love the most! At the end of the day, it is great to have a brand new dress, pair of shoes or whatever it may be, but those things are forever changing and what is great this week may not be next week, but the time we get with those around us, is something that we only have for a  limited time and don’t need to take for granted.  People ask me all the time, how fun is blogging and isn’t it so glamorous and I look at them and say, “It’s like anything, at the end of the day it is amazing and super fun at times but there are exhausting days where you just question everything!”  I think that a lot of the celebrities and tabloids try to make us all think and feel that if we just do or have this certain thing THEN we will finally arrive and be happy, well unfortunately, this is the furthest thing from the truth! We all have GREAT days and exciting moments and then we ALL have terrible days where we just want to curl up on the couch and not see a soul, that’s part of life and I think that every once in a while it’s refreshing to hear someone else say that, so TODAY I am baring all and telling the truth about ME! I am a Christian and so I know without a shadow of a doubt, no matter what kind of day I am having Jesus Christ is there by my side and HE LOVES ME and HE LOVES YOU!  Sometimes we ALL just need to HEAR that! So, to ALL of you amazing women you are ALL BEAUTIFUL and made in the IMAGE of GOD! YOU are BRAVE, STRONG & AMAZING! YOU can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING YOU set your mind to! YOU are AWESOME!

Thank you to each and every one of you who follow along with my blog and journey! I am so thankful and grateful for each and every one of YOU! It’s because of YOUR support and love that I am where I am am TODAY! So I hope that whoever needed to hear these words today, that YOU know how special and wonderful YOU are to ME! Love you ALL!! Happy Monday amazing ladies!



Ok, so I haven’t had a chance to photograph it or take (that many) selfies in it, but HELLO URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER FOUNDATION!!! All of you probably know that I am a Tarte Amazonian Clay girl and have been for at least 4 years!  I am the type of person who finds something I love and I stick with it because I’m too scared to try something new and waste money on a product I’m unsure about.  This week my friend Gaby came to work raving about a brand new foundation, the Urban Decay All Nighter and her face seriously had never looked better! It just so happened that I was running low on foundation and heading to the mall that very day and so I told her I was going to try it! I will be honest, I was SUPER SKEPTICAL because as I said, the Tarte Amazonian Clay had been the holy grail of foundations for my skin!  Well… ya’ll this was a post I couldn’t even wait to photograph because I AM OBSESSEDDDD!!!!!!Read More

Lace and Cold Shoulder


The Eileen Cold Shoulder Midi  / YSL Bag / Steve Madden Slithur Pump

This weekend is another spotlight on Maggy London, so I will be featuring some of my NEW favorites, including this Eileen Cold Shoulder Midi!  This look is one that is versatile and can be worn either to a nice dinner, church, wedding or cocktail party.  The cold shoulder has been hitting it HARD this season and I LOVE it!  I really love how Maggy paired the softness of the lace detailing with the edge of the cold shoulder to create a little black dress for any closet or age!  The cold shoulder allows that coverage on the arms that many of us prefer, but also gives a little “sas” with the opening!

I will be wearing this dress to upcoming weddings as well as nights out on the town! I paired this look with a little black cross body and the BEST caged heels I own, the Steve Madden Slithur heel!  I know what you are thinking, ” That shoe looks sooo uncomfortable!”  I can honestly say, this shoe is super comfy and stretchy! Stretchy?!? I know, I was shocked too! I imagined my size 10 foot busting at the base of this heel and creating imprints all over my feet, but it doesn’t! This shoe is phenomenal! I got it last year and wore it to my cousin’s rehearsal dinner and walked the cobble stone streets of Wilmington, NC without any issue! This heel is definitely worth a try and its back this year by popular demand!

I hope you all will enjoy this weekends Maggy London takeover! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!

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Interview with Carly Delengowski & CW22 Greenroom

Cindy Lace Purple Dress (ONLY $68.50!!!)

This post is one that I have been SUPER excited to share! I recently sat down with the amazing Carly Delengowski of the CW22 Greenroom to talk all things Make Today a Hollyday.  I dished on how and why I started the blog along with my favorite BEAUTY “SECRETS!”  I also shared a sneak peek into the life of a blogger and all that it entails.  I have linked the video below and I would love to hear what you all thought! Thank you all so much for your continued love and support, I know that without a doubt I would not be here if it were not for each and every one of YOU, I genuinely say “Thanks!”  So without further ado… Lights, Camera, Action: