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So, My husband and I are working on our home and I am in the decorating MODE specifically with my office!  I spent Saturday surfing the web and checking out accessories and trying to come up with my color scheme! I have some current built-in cabinetry that is limiting me in my color options a little, but I have decided to go with fuchsia, gold, black and white! I thought it would be fun to share a few things that I purchased as well and some items that got my muse going! I decided to create a quick little shoppable boutique that had all the items so in case you found one you liked you could get it! I did purchase the Chanel canvas for my wall to intermix with all of my sister’s artwork you can view and purchase on Anna Cate Home! So without further ado, here are some pieces that I loved, bought or lusted after hahah!

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Head Over Heels

Seychelles World TourSeychelles World TourSeychelles World Tour

Seychelles World Tour BootieB-Low The Belk ‘Bri Bri’ Gold  / Rag & Bone Denim Skirt / White Tee Shirt

Choker (similar) / Capulet Gingham Red Dress / AG 10 Years Distressed Denim

Hammitt Corey Bag

Happy Monday and Debate Day! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so excited to watch these presidential debates this year! Keeping politics aside, I am sure this year will be one for the books! On another note, can I just say how happy I am for the FALL?!?!?!? I love pumpkins, apples, crisp mornings, colorful leaves, cinnamon, spice everything nice (I had to do it) and of course boot season!

Today I wanted to spotlight one of my FAVORITE shoe boutiques, Head Over Heels  how cute its their name and their shoe selection is even better?!?!?! You all have to check them out on Instagram as well @headoverheelsga for some major shoe inspiration! While scrolling Instagram recently I saw them post the Seychelles World Tour bootie and the fringe had me at first glance! How cute are these booties?!?!? Not only are they adorable and have a braided band up top with fringe, but they are unbelievably comfortable! I am a HUGE fan of this taupe color that has gray undertones and goes well mixed with tan, denim and black! I wore these booties all weekend from the minute they showed up on my doorstep Saturday!  As I have mentioned a few times I am a huge supporter of local and small businesses and if I can, I shop local! So follow along with them for some major shoe crushing!Read More


Happy Fall! I am always so excited for Summer, but even more excited for crisp cool mornings, cozy oversized sweaters and my PSL (pumpkin Spice latte).  I am a total white girl with no shame haha! I did a makeup post this morning with ALL of my favorite lip shades for this wonderful season and it is a MUST CHECK OUT HERE! I typically don’t do two blog posts in one day, but because it is the First Day of Fall I wanted to also share some of my recent favorite looks I have been eyeing! I have an entire boutique tab on my home page here, but I also wanted to share a few I have found today searching! So in honor, I have created a quick shoppable boutique below! Just click on the ‘Read More’ button and it will take you there! Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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Fall Favorites: Lip Must Haves

MAC Rebel

Happy Thursday love bugs!! I am sitting here in my office at home eating those Sugarfina Sugar Lips you see in that photo and listening to Chainsmokers song: Closer so loud getting this day started with my FAVORITE beauty product for Fall; lipstick! Fall is such a fun time to change up that neutral natural- glow look you had for summer and switch to a soft matte eye pallete and BOLD lip! Fall to me means wines, purples, blood reds, browns and the perfect mauve neutrals that don’t make you look washed out! I also wanted to link my nail color above because I had questions on it and it is OPI: Lincoln Park After Dark and ya’ll it’s the perfect midnight color without going black! Now on to the dish on some of my long time and current favorite FALL Lip Shades!

One HUGE tip before applying a dark shade to your lips is PRIME them! There is a new product I have been trying and it is a lip mask by Kaplan MD and it is the Lip 20 Mask and this product is amazing at nourishing your lips with papaya extract as well as plumps!  This mask truly does plump the lips and gives them the appearance that they are bigger and fuller! I have been using the product this week and can already tell my lips are much more moisturized and my lipstick goes on so smoothly! The Lip Balm also comes with the mask and it is super nourishing for longer results after using the mask! I highly recommend this product for when the seasons start changing and we start using more heat and everything gets all dry! I also recommend using a primer on the lips before applying a dark stain to them and my favorite is the MAC Prep + Prime Lip.  I apply this all over my lips as a barrier to keep from staining them so much! Now on to my favorite colors!


  1. Ruby Woo by MAC is the truest of true reds I have found with a blue undertone and looks FABULOUS on every skin tone! This is a matte shade so you definitely need a primer underneath so it isn’t too dry
  2. Urban Decay Vice 714  is a new shade by one of my favorite brands and it is a creamy red with slight pink undertones and is an everyday red that I can’t get enough of!
  3. Afghan Red by Nars – a more burgundy red that is stunning! My mom actually found this one and I loved it so much I bought it that same day!
  4. Urban Decay – Manic – the perfect plum red and super moisturizing and smooth
  5. Vampire by Kat Von D – this is a DEEEP red that is soo HOTTT on and puts those from the movie Twilit to shame hahaha; this color is dark and deep but so fantastic for a night out on the town and just plain SEXY!


  1.  “Rebel” by MAC! THIS COLOR IS MY FAVORITE FOR FALL!! I am wearing it in the photo above and LOVEEEEEEEEEEE – if there is one lipstick you by from this post GET THIS! I tried it in Vegas 2 years ago when my sister had her makeup professionally done and this color was INSANELY GORGEOUS
  2. Plumful by MAC – a lighter pink purple that goes great for someone who is scared to try Rebel (which don’t be 🙂 ) but if you are more neutral it is a neutral purple
  3. Kat Von D Lolita – this is an everlasting liquid lip that sets matte and was sold out for weeks last year and the perfect brown purple and does not move! This lip stain will stay put for hours!!!! It is the most amazing color and is neutral with just enough color!


  1. Too Faced Melted Chihuahua –  this name is hilarious, but this color is AHHH-MAZING! It is a darker mauve neutral but so stunning on every skin color! I recently used it on an entire bridal party and they LOVED it!
  2. Anastasia Pure Hollywood – a lasting lip stain and is a TRUE neutral! This shade is light, but seriously the perfect NUDE! I love how is goes on as a gloss but sets matte and stays put all day!
  3. Tarte Lip Sculpter color VIP – OBSESSED! I love that this is the lipstick and lip gloss all in one! I seriously wore this color for a straight month and did not change because I loved that it was neutral but also had a little more color to make my skin a little brighter
  4. Whirl by MAC – this color is a true beautiful darker brown and everyone looks amazing in it


  1. Flat Out Fabulous by MAC – this color is just that!! This is a lip color that I was introduced to in Vegas 2 years ago and every time I wear it I get compliments! It is a deep pink/purple, bright and stunning!!! I wear this color with a light matte eye and can’t get enough! It is my FALL PINK!
  2. Hot Gossip – the tried and true PERFECT SHADE for ALL SKIN TONES and I have worn it for 9 years!!! I found this color back in 2007 and have been rocking it ever since! Tip: I use this on ALL brides in the Spring/Summer and no matter skin color it works! This is a STAPLE in my purse EVERY DAY!

*** Now for many of us who don’t have the fullest lips and have the problem of lipstick coming off quickly, LIP LINER is going to be your BEST FRIEND! I think people in their 20’s are scared of lip liner, but ya’ll if you aren’t using it with your lipstick then you NEED TO! MY FAVORITE LIP LINER EVER is MAC WHIRL! I can literally wear this lip liner with almost any color I have mentioned minus a few of the bright reds and in that case I use the MAC Cherry Lip Liner.  I have mentioned so many lipsticks I wanted to let you all know a pretty universal liner that can vary depending on how hard you press for color!

So after checking this out, let me know what your favorite Fall Lip Shade is! I LOVE nothing more than hearing other people’s favorites so I can add to my collection (although my husband may not like that 🙂 ) I can’t lie, makeup is my PASSION and I hope to be able to share more of my favorites soon! Don’t forget I created a Fall Boutique on the blog with outfit looks I’m LOVING here so check that out for some Fall inspiration! Now all we need is this rain to stop and the temps to decrease! Happy Thursday “Hollyday” babes!

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Blue Crush

Donna Morgan Lindsay Velvet Dress / Steve Madden Slither Pump (on SALE right now)

Vince Camuto ‘Abril’ Bag (50% OFF right now) / Daniel Wellington Somerset (Limited Edition) 15% off code:HOLLYDAY

Lace Choker

Velvet… As a child I only thought of those old sofa’s everyones grandmother had in that room we were not allowed to be in (am I right?!?!?) In my twenties velvet has a WHOLE NEW MEANING! This Fall and Winter Velvet is making a come back strong and this off the shoulder marine blue that Donna Morgan designed is nothing short of PERFECTION! This dress is not only lined and super comfortable, but can we say SASSY! I love how Donna Morgan continued the off-the-shoulder trend from this Spring and Summer into Fall to have a perfect transition piece for now while the weather is still warm and then also perfect for cocktail parties with a little glitz and tights later! I have been trying to figure out how to transition my closet for Fall which isn’t quite here, but is all around us thanks to Starbucks and their new Fall Pumpkin Spice menu!Read More

NYFW: Recap

How come every time I sit down to write about New York. my mind immediately goes to the Alicia Keys song that goes, “Now you’re in New York, Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of..” Maybe because this song and the lyrics are true in so many ways! New York is definitely a place where Starbucks lines, espresso shots, long hours, sneakers, ambition and dreams are all in HIGH DEMAND! If you have never been to New York let me tell you, Starbucks fuels New Yorker’s Dreams! If you ever go and need a little motivation just step into a Starbucks and you will feel immediately like you need to get to work (but really!)  Ok, enough of that, on to FASHION WEEK! Since I am new to the blog world in a lot of ways, Fashion Week was something I had always heard about, seen and wanted to go but had no idea how to get there!  SO, this year as a blogger I started getting invitations to parties and a few shows, but I was not really sure if it was just sent to everyone or how it worked.  Read More



Rebe Choker Top / Detachable Tie Bloom Blouse (similar) / Free People Corduroy Skirt

Hammitt LA Nash Clutch

Happy Monday everyone (although this one is rainy and gross in NC)!! To make this Monday a little better and in honor of this month being my blog anniversary, I have partnered with handbag designer, HAMMITT LA to share a sweet surprise from the launch of their new Fall line! I am excited to introduce you all to this adorable party ready clutch! How many of you are going to be headed to football games and holiday parties soon?!?! Pretty much all of us and with that in mind how adorable is this fun party cup clutch perfect for any celebration! If you have never heard of Hammitt, they have crafted the perfect leather goods and this Nash clutch is the best size to carry anywhere! This print truly is so fun and adorable and it just launched and has already sold out in the makeup case version!Read More


Ok, ya’ll so after leaving Fashion Week this week I had a HUGE urge to SHOP!!! I don’t need to by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I saw so many fun looks and there are so many new “trends” that I want to add to my closet to SPICE IT UP for the upcoming season! So pumpkin spice latte in hand (to help with motivation) and dreaming for cooler weather here in NC, I have put together a shoppable boutique below and on the actual blog under Fall Must Haves with some of the items I am eyeing and want soooo bad! I have seen a HUGE surge in chokers, off the shoulder, lace up and embroidery and all of these are being introduced into almost every clothing line this season.  So here are my favorites and I hope you love them! Comment below and let me know which trends or pieces are your favorite, I would also love to know what you get 🙂  Happy Thursday everyone!!!

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A Skirt that will make your Heart go.. BOOM BOOM BOOM

Keepsake The Label Begin Again Skirt (comes in red and black) / Keepsake the Label In Motion Top /

Steve Madden Claara Wedge / Prada Sunglasses

Happy Hump Day, beauties!!! I am finally home for a few days and wanted to do a fun recap of #NYFW!!!! I am writing that post currently, but while I am waiting on that one I had to share this look because I was SOOOOO EXCITED and it is selling out FAST!! So to not waste any of our time, can we just take a moment for this skirt?!?!?!?!? I honestly have never owned a skirt that I love any more than this and truly made me feel HOOTTT and super vogue! The flare hemline and slight cutout in the front are to DIE FOR!!! This skirt is by one of my favorite brands, Keepsake the Label! This skirt is the Begin Again Skirt and also comes in a red version!  Keepsake is an Australian brand so as far as sizing goes, if you are in between size up! I bought this skirt locally and all they had was a small and I loved it so much I went ahead and got it, but I could have worn the Medium and been a little more comfortable! True story: I actually wore the blouse out in the back because I had the skirt unzipped like an inch so I could eat as much as I wanted at brunch that day and NO ONE NOTICED (shhhh don’t tell 😉 ) Currently, I am between a size 4/6 and have been wearing a 4 so I hope that can help you gauge for sizing. I can not tell you how many people stopped to ask me where this skirt was from on the street, the pictures don’t do it justice! This outfit made me feel like a million bucks and was so classic and Chanel-like.  The blouse is also by Keepsake and it is the Label in Motion Top .  While at fashion week I got to see some of the up and coming looks for Spring and Summer and off- the- shoulder is coming back next year even stronger than this year, so this blouse is perfect to buy for now and later! This blouse is a little shorter which I like because it can go with about any skirt and also looks great half-tucked!Read More

Utility Mixed with Glam

AG 10 years Distressed Denim / Joie Dalton bootie ( a must have) / Julie Vos Coin Necklace / Sanctuary Studded Military Jacket / Patricia Nash London Saddle Bag /Daniel Wellington (15% Off Code: Hollyday) / Daniel Wellington Cuff

Good Tuesday morning lovelies! I am currently sitting in a hotel room in NYC, here for New York Fashion Week! This trip has been one of a lifetime and I am thankful to be here! I will have a blog post up soon on what we did, where we went and who we met (the “we” is my sister Anna and I 😉 ) I have posted lots of photos on Facebook (sorry for the overload).  Although, I am super excited about Fashion Week, today’s post is one that is about the newest jacket addition to my closet an embellished military jacket! This year camp and olive green are HOTTTT!!! I have always been a MAJOR fan of the color because my eyes are SUPER green and it makes them look even more deep! However, this color looks amazing on every skin tone and hair color and I think that’s why it is so popular from year to year! Another major trend is mixing soft feminie details with a more utilitarian approach so a similar concept to the “sweet and salty” food idea… Mixing two classes that actually compliment one another and reach a wider audience!Read More